Paysafcard casino: how it’s work ?

With the rise of the internet since the late 1990s, online purchases have become increasingly important and with them the need to develop appropriate payment methods that guarantee the security of private data , one of the most sensitive issues on the internet. The Paysafecard card is born from this need. Since its foundation, it has become one of the payment methods with the most global impact, being present today in more than 45 countries, especially in the northern hemisphere.

As that of security is also one of the most important issues in online gaming, we have prepared this page in order to inform you not only about a secure payment method but also about the operators that accept it and that are totally reliable . The list we have made with the best casinos with Paysafecard is a good guide to start enjoying gambling in a safe way.

The best online casinos with Paysafecard

This form of payment adapts perfectly to the online game, and that is why we have decided to examine its operation thoroughly. Being a prepaid card it is ideal to make deposits especially for those players who do not wish to have a game account associated with their personal bank details. Although in itself, Paysafecard cannot be anonymous due to legal issues. In any case, and due to its prepaid means, Paysafecard guarantees the most absolute financial privacy.

In the summary that you can see below we have composed a table with the main topics on which we will focus our attention, with a lot of information about the payment method and everything you can do with this card to enjoy your favorite games in some Paysafecard casino . You just have to click on the topics and you will go to the corresponding section. We have insisted on the security, both of the payment method and the online operator, and added some questions concerning the games and others of great interest.

Security is essential

Being a prepaid card Paysafecard security is optimal.¬†Financial privacy is guaranteed, as¬†you do not need to associate Paysafecard with any credit card or bank account¬†.¬†The user acquires online or at a point of sale a card with values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can range from $ 10 to $ 100 in the form of a secure 16-digit code.¬†You enter this identification number during the payment process and the amount is discounted.¬†Once the balance has been consumed the code will be invalidated and cannot be reused.¬†For all these characteristics there is another means of payment that is very similar.¬†Be sure to read the review we have prepared¬†about Teleingreso¬†.

But it is not just a matter of card security, which as we have seen is absolutely guaranteed. You also have to make sure the safety of the online operator in which you want to play. It goes without saying that all the operators that we recommend on our homepage of online casinos are absolutely safe. However, it does not hurt that we give you some keys so that you learn to differentiate reliable platforms from those that are a scam.

How to recognize safe casinos

In order to enjoy the gaming experience as soon as possible you must ensure that the casino with Paysafecard you have chosen is 100% safe.¬†Luckily, in Canada it is very easy to recognize, since we have a regulatory authority that verifies and supervises the licenses of all legal casinos that operate under the ‚Äú.es‚ÄĚ domain.¬†The Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling or DGOJ is the state authority that controls all activities related to gambling, imposing the corresponding sanctions if necessary.¬†If the operator you found does not have¬†the relevant licenses¬†issued by the DGOJ then distrusts, surely it is a scam.¬†How to recognize the licenses granted by the DGOJ?¬†Do not worry.¬†In the following infographic we explain it with great detail.

Play in safe casinos with Paysafecard

Once you have chosen a casino with all the licenses a day you will have to make sure that the transactions are protected, very important when it comes to opening a gambling account and depositing your money. Our best casinos with Paysafecard in Canada all have the standard SSL and TLS protection systems that today guarantee secure internet connections. This, together with the security and privacy conditions provided by Paysafecard, is a guarantee. You can thus start a great online gaming experience without fear.

How to deposit

After you have registered in the casino with your personal data you must select a payment method.¬†Choose paysafcared, which guarantees the total privacy of your sensitive bank details.¬†You must first acquire the ticket at one of the¬†more than 66,000 points of sale in Canada¬†.¬†Then you select the prepaid card and enter the amount you want to deposit.¬†Once you have taken this step you will have to enter the 16-digit code to complete the transaction.¬†The deposit will be immediately in your game account.¬†Easy, isn’t it?

But Paysafecard is not the only payment method you will have access to. Some of those that most resemble him are those that are considered as online banking, for example, Teleingreso, Sofort or the Swedish electronic payment system Trustly . You also have at your disposal another similar option, NeoSurf , although it is still more limited in our option. All have their advantages and disadvantages and in the following table we have prepared a comparison in which you can examine at a glance some of the best known payment methods.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Paysafecard

Paysafcard was one of the first prepaid systems on the internet, and its extensive experience in online commerce is a guarantee of absolute reliability . It is most interesting that in the face of insecurities that arise in relation to the privacy of the most sensitive data, cybercriminality is one of the biggest headaches today, Paysafecard is a guarantee of absolute security.

Privacy and security are undoubtedly the great virtues of Paysafecard, in addition to the guarantee that the consumer maintains absolute control over the expense. The disadvantages that we can mention have to do with their offline nature, when what interests you is to carry out online transactions as quickly as possible, as with electronic wallets, for example the case of Skrill . You also have to keep in mind that for 12 months there is no surcharge on your Paysafecard , but from there a maintenance fee that reaches $ 2 per month will subtract the balance of your account and can empty it completely.

Request your bonus!

Once you have registered in an online casino and have chosen the payment method of your choice, you can then access any of the promotions that the operator makes available to you. The most normal thing is that you face the decision to request or not the welcome bonus for new players . In most cases the bond offers are really good and their conditions are fairly fair, but be sure to take a look at the specifications to be sure if the welcome bonus is the one that suits you best. Here we have done an examination of the casino bonuses that we recommend reading.

How to make withdrawals

Although you will have to play the amount of the bonus a number of times determined by the operator, the best of all is that if you have been lucky you can convert the profits obtained with the bonus in real money. To do this you will have to activate the refund option in your game account. The amount you requested will then appear as withdrawn money. Casinos always have a minimum amount that you can withdraw, which can be just $ 5. The most common is that you withdraw money from your account using the same option you have selected to make deposits. But since this is not possible with Paysafecard, you will have to request a bank transfer. The problem with the transfer is that it takes a little, about 3 working days. Here it is at a slight disadvantage if we compare it with online payment systems such as PayPal, guarantee of immediate transactions .

Income Taxes

Casinos do not have to declare your winnings, but you must do it yourself in your income statement as long as the winnings mean an increase in your assets . Canadian legislation is very clear about it. Whenever you get a net profit of more than $ 1,600 per year you must declare it. Anyway, there are aspects that not everyone has very clear about the benefits you are required to declare. Well, from the total amount you have to deduct not only the losses but also the money you have deposited. In any case, if you do not declare your winnings with the online game you will have incurred a crime of data concealment.

Paysafecard in the mobile casino

Very important today is that you can access the online casino and make your payments also from your mobile.¬†Technological development allows operators today to have responsive websites, which means that you¬†don’t need a download app¬†to access your favorite online casino.¬†Paysafecard has also managed to keep up with the times and you will have no problem accessing your account using this payment method.¬†The Paysafecard mobile application can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

We have chosen as the best casino with Paysafecard for mobile, which has a very good responsive website with a design perfectly adapted to mobile devices. You can access a large catalog of games by depositing with the prepaid card.