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Review: FastPay casino

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  • DĂ©pĂ´ts et retraits rapides
  • Un bon service client
  • On peut retirer en Bitcoin
  • Des bonus rĂ©guliers
  • Avis sur l'ergonomie
  • Avis sur les jeux
  • Avis sur les retraits
  • Avis sur la sĂ©curitĂ©
  • Avis sur le support


Dans nos articles complets, on vous conseille sur quels casinos jouer et lesquels éviter à tout prix. Pour ce casino, c'est vraiment cadeau. L'expérience que l'on a eu en jouant chez ce dernier était particulièrement plaisante. On vous dit tout sur ce casino dans notre avis neutre et pro.

The online casino has won the hearts of people from all around the world. People who love gambling can play a variety of gambling games on online platforms. However, it is not easy to find the sites which offer users the best gaming experience. If you are a gamer and looking for a casino site which offers the best gaming experience, then you must continue reading this article. Here, we have FastPay casino review.

FastPay casino was launched in 2018. It is new as well as promising online casino that offers a great collaboration of games. The main concept of this casino is a fast payment option as well as a fast verification process. As claimed by the casino website, players will get the winning money instantly in their accounts without delays.

Steps to make user account on FastPay casino?

It is very easy to make an account of this casino site. The registration can be done by simply entering the email address, password and selection the preferred currency. You cannot sign up on FastPay using a social network like Facebook, twitter or google. Once you are done, you will get a welcome letter on your email, and you can verify the account to continue. Confirm and verify the email address, then only you can start playing.

FastPay casino review

This casino offers players about 3000 games in different categories. You can play roulette, classic slots, poker, live games, etc. to make it easier for players to find the games on this site, games are divided into various sections.

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  • Disponible en français
  • Divers moyens de paiement
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Casino Games

Most popular slot games offered are joker, Xmas, wild north, Xcalibur, Vegas dreams, Yggdrasil the tree of life. Roulette games are presented by netent, bgaming and playngo providers. Card games feature 138 games such as blackjack, casino hold’em, European roulette, baccarat, etc. you can play most of the popular games on this site.


Like any other casino site where you get a bonus. Here also FastPay casino offers you bonuses. Players can make use of the code FASTWELCOME100 before depositing money to claim the free spins. Also, players get currencies like USD, EURO, CAD, AUD, PLN, NOK, UAH, RUB, ETH, DOGE, BTC, LTC. Every Friday, you can get cashback upto 10% from all the slots you lost. The minimum loss needed for triggering is 10 USD, 10 EURO, 15CAD, 40 PLN, 0.4 ETH, 100 NOK, etc. Apart from this, FastPay offers deposit and cashback offers to VIP players and to claim the bonuses, you can contact live chat supporters.

Payment method

FastPay offers various popular payment modes for depositing the money. Also, the payment methods are easy and safe; there is no chance of fraud. Your details remain private and it is not shared with anyone. Also, you can make fast deposits anytime.
FastPay casino offers the following payment options: ecopayz, Mastercard, visa, neteller, e-wallet- Skrill, Yandex money, alfa bank, bitcoin wallet, etc. this casino does not charge any extra charges on deposit or withdrawal of the money.
The minimum deposit amount is 10 EURO, 10 USD, 500 RUB, etc. the maximum deposit amount will depend on the payment mode you select.

Instant withdrawal

FastPay offers instant withdrawal option to its users. At anytime, users can withdraw the winning amount safely from their account. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20EUR, 20USD, 200NOK, 1500RUB, 0.01 BTC. If a player wins the amount more than 30000 EUR then fastpay will divide the payout into installments of 20,000 EUR until the whole amount is paid out. Maximum amount player can withdraw is 5,000 EUR every day, or 20,000 per month.

24Ă—7 support

In case you need any help, then Fastpay offers you full support. Its support team is very friendly and clear your queries within a short period of time. Unlike other casinos where they make a delay in answering your question FastPay support team offers instant replies and solutions to your problem. You can contact the live support team by clicking on a live chat option given on the left corner of the website.

Casino Avantages Bonus
  • Disponible en français
  • Divers moyens de paiement
Pack de bienvenue de 750 €:
1er dépôt
‣ 100% de bonus jusqu'à 250 €
2e dépôt
‣ 50% de bonus jusqu'a 500 €
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Country restrictions

Fastpay casino supports Canadian players, but it does not support players from USA, Spain, Netherland, saba, etc. before you make the account it is important that you check that whether the site supports your country or not. Only the supported country can play and avail the benefits of the services offered on its site.


Unlike other sites where you have the risk of data theft and also the risk of viruses fastpay is completely secure and virus free. Fastpay is a secure platform for the gamblers. It is licensed as well as the regulated site. This casino makes use of the best security method. Players’ personal information like address, name, credit card number and other information is secured and never shared with someone. Also, they did not make use of the player’s information in any ways.
This was the reviews of fastpay casino. We hope that you have understood everything about the site clearly. Now let us take a look at the needs to play casino games.
Many people think gambling games are tough and are meant only for the professional players. However, this is not the reality. Today there are number of people both skilled and normal ones trying their luck online. There are thousands of gambling games offered to the players. These gambling games are not very tough.

Why to gamble online on fastpay casino?

If you are thinking that why you must play gambling games then read futhur you will get answer to this question.

Easy way to earn money

Someone who is lazy to work but still in need of the money can rely on to get the money. Gaming is fun and when you get money through games it is even more fun. Not all the sites out there online offer games that involve real cash. Casino games are the only games that involve real money. Thus, anyone can play casino games and gamble online to earn the money.
You may not get the enough money in the start but as soon as you start understanding the games then you can make good money. There are number of players out there who are making enough money through gambling games. They who work or don’t work at all are enjoying playing casino games and are making extra money by sitting at home or in office.

Play 24Ă—7

Traditional casinos are not preferred these days as they are not open to play all times. Also, working man cannot enjoy casino games because of their busy schedule. to enjoy the casino game anytime you can rely on fastpay. Fastpay like any other casino site offers players number of games at one place. You can play poker, slot or live betting games anytime and from any corner of the world.

Play on phone or laptop

You need not to go to the traditional casinos when you can enjoy games on your phone and laptop with better features. Traditional casinos cannot be accessed anytime but you are free to play on the phone anytime. Also, today everyone own a laptop or phone. Thus, anyone can make a free fastpay account and start playing the casino games right from their comfort zone. This saves too much of your time as well as money which you may otherwise waste on traditional casinos.

Play variety of games

Traditional casinos have limited games but online, there are unlimited games for the players. You get games under various categories and you can choose and play the game which falls under your favorite categories. You can play free games and real cash games. It is upto you to play free or for money. If you are playing just for fun, then go with the free games where you don’t have to deposit money. But if you want to play to earn money then you can deposit amount to wager. The winning amount will be real and can be used anywhere.

Easy deposit and withdrawal

Traditional casinos were not as safe as you had to carry money with you to play the games. This increases risk of theft. But online, there is no need to carry cash in your pocket. You can deposit the cash anytime online using the safe payment mode. And also when you win the game, the money is directly transferred in your account so there is no tension. You can withdraw the amount when required using safe withdrawal system.

Fastpay offers you the easy deposit and withdrawal system which enhances user experience and make they play with confidence. You may not be able to withdraw the whole amount all at once but you can get it in instalment which is easy to collect.

Multiplayer gaming

fastpay casino mobilePeople think online gaming is boring but in reality, online gambling is so much fun. When you gamble online you get to meet players from all over the world. You can meet them, play them and make friendship as well as chat in the chat rooms. You can discuss things related to gaming and share your gaming experience with other gamers online very easily. However, this option is not available in traditional casinos. In traditional casinos you meet a limited number of people from that particular area where you live but online, you meet so many players.

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Also, the players can share their gaming ideas and suggest the games to other players. If you are a beginner, then you can meet many other players like you and learn many things like what to play, how to play and win.

Customer support

This is the biggest benefits of any online casino. The traditional casino does not offer support but online casino is always there to support you. you can live chat with the support team at any hour whether day or night. You can chat them two in the morning or ten at night. They will listen to you and make every possible step to solve the issues you face. They won’t neglect your messages like other sites. Fastpay have very active support team that is always ready to help you. This is because they never want to leave you dissatisfied.

No distraction

Traditional casinos are distracting as there is too much noise, drinks and irritating people. This makes it difficult for the player to focus on the game. When you cannot focus on the game then chances are there that you will lose the game easily. If you lose the game then you will lose the money and that will surely depress you. however online casino has no such distracting elements. You can play sitting at home and focus on the game. Every detail is displayed on the screen and you can gather the information and make moves. You can make the right decisions and win the game.

So these are some of the reasons why many people prefer playing on the casino sites. FastPay is the casino site which offers you all the above given benefits and offers the best user experience. You can also play on this site and have fun.

When you make account on the fastpay casino site make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully. Reading terms and conditions is a good habit as then you don’t face any issues in the future.

Tips for the players to play on Fastpay casino

Now that you have understood the benefits of fastpay casino let’s take a look at the tips to play casino games.

  • Read the rules of the game

Many people do the mistake of thinking that games on traditional and online casinos are same. There is difference in the rules of online games. The players must read the rules before start playing any games. They must understand the rules or read the tips to play the games. When you don’t read the rules, you chance of losing the game increases. So, make sure you don’t do the mistakes like others.

  • Start with easy games

Make sure you don’t jump onto the hard to play games. First play those games which are free and easy to play. When you play easy games, it increases your confidence and in addition to that you learn a lot about the casino games. There are many people who does the mistake like playing games which involve money. Beginners must always start with free games and then go for real cash games.

  • Practice the game

To become a winning player, it is a must that you play the game for free. Free games are best for practicing. When you practice hard and win the game again and again it means then now you can move on to real cash games. Also, when you practice the game you can understand the moves of your opponent and come up with some strategies of your own to defeat your opponent.

  • Don’t play when you are depressed

If you are losing the game make sure you don’t continue playing. Because when you lose then you become depressed and then when you play you can’t think or make right decision. This makes you lose all your money or bankroll. When you lose everything then you can’t continue playing.

Casino Avantages Bonus
  • Disponible en français
  • Divers moyens de paiement
Pack de bienvenue de 750 €:
1er dépôt
‣ 100% de bonus jusqu'à 250 €
2e dépôt
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  • Start with low stakes

Every beginner must keep in mind that when you go to play cash games start with low stakes. Because when you go with low stake games you can become winning player and continue to make more money. Also, you can maintain your bankroll when you play the low stake games. However, if you play the high stakes games then when you lose money it will make your bankroll imbalanced.

  • Keep eye on the screen

It is important for you to understand that when you play online, you must be focused. If you take your eye away from the screen then you may lose necessary information and this will make it difficult to make decisions later in the game. Thus, don’t get distracted while you play. Whenever you see any important information related to your opponent on the screen, note it down somewhere so that you can use it information later.

We hope that above given tips will make it easier for you to play on FastPay casino and earn money. You can earn interesting bonuses and withdraw the winning amount to use. When you start playing on this platform you will know how it is better than other casino sites and you will get better bonuses here.

If you will play on the fastpay casino then there will never be problems in depositing or withdrawing the money. To know more about this site and the services it offers you should go to the site and read about the services and start playing. You will be able to take advantages of its services and enjoy gambling.

We hope this article provided you with all the necessary details about the FastPay casino reviews and the reasons to rely on this site for gaming.


Comment êtes-vous tombé sur ce casino ?

En lisant beaucoup de blogs de casinos en ligne, j'ai trouvé ce blog qui m'a parfaitement convenu dès le départ. J'étais un peu suspicieux car c'est toujours délicat de confier son argent à un site qu'on ne connait pas, mais j'ai très vite été rassuré en lisant tous les avis positifs.

Qu'est ce qui vous a particulièrement plu ?

Les dépôts et les retraits sont d'une simplicité incroyable, c'est très agréable. Quant au service client, il est réactif et sympathique, il m'a vraiment aidé quand j'ai voulu en savoir plus sur un jeu.

Que retenez-vous de votre expérience chez ce casino ?

Aujourd'hui, je joue encore chez ce casino en ligne qui a su me convaincre de rester. Je suis content d'avoir trouvé un casino fiable et amusant. Je peux le recommender à tous les joueurs, débutants ou professionnels.

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