Cosmo casino review : Our honest review

For online casinos there is basically no better advertising tool than a classic bonus offer that you receive for playing on the portal. Cosmo Casino relies on its Cosmo Bonus on a rather unconventional offer. The provider advertises in his Cosmo Casino Bonus that he gives you the opportunity to become a millionaire 125 times for a deposit of ten euros. This sounds a bit cryptic at first, so we will introduce you to the Cosmo Casino Bonus in detail in this guide and explain what is actually behind this offer. That it can not be a Cosmo Casino No Deposit Bonus, we have already revealed in the introduction. In this guide we will also explain the actual bonus value and the wagering requirements to be able to clear it. We will also briefly discuss whether you need to enter a Cosmo Casino bonus code when you first log in to Cosmo Casino. And of course whether you can also unlock the bonus with a Cosmo app.


Translated, the sales conditions mean that you have to generate a turnover of 2,250 euros within 30 days. With turnover is your paid stake in the online casino. It is important that you make sure that you primarily play at digital machines when you free the Cosmo Casino Bonus. Because only at these machines the stakes are weighted to 100%. In other words, if you pay one euro of stake, you meet one euro of the wagering requirements.

cosmo casino review

Table games, on the other hand, for example, are weighted at only 25%, live casino games at only 2%. This means that if you use table games for free spins, you meet just 0.25 Euros of the wagering requirements for every Euro you wager. In this case you would have to generate four times as much turnover to reach the required turnover target of the current offer. In live games, the whole thing would be even more fatal: If you bet one euro in live games, you would only meet two cents of the turnover requirements. In this case, you would have to generate 98 times more turnover than with digital machines in order to be able to pay out the bonus and any winnings earned with it.


Video slots! Especially the machines of the newer manufacturers such as Big Time and Foxium. Their new releases are currently enjoying great popularity in the online segment. Current video game slots differ slightly from their predecessors. In addition to the graphic elements with cutscenes or animated symbols, these slot machines now also offer a wide range of additional functions. Up to ten bonus games of the most varied free spins options and much more are a useful addition to digital slot machines. If you belong to the type of player who is especially looking for these machines, then you will be served all along the line.

cosmo casino review

Cosmo convinces otherwise still with the participation in the so-called Casino Rewards loyalty program. This is really a very innovative regular customer program in which far more than 25 different casinos participate. The so-called “Time of your Life” lottery takes place at regular intervals. For each status level you are at, you can choose a prize. These can be vouchers, trips, but also golden 18-carat watches. You will receive tickets per level for playing at that level. A draw takes place every six to eight weeks. Depending on the number of tickets, you have the chance to win one or all the non-cash prizes you want. We always like it when regular customer programmes also offer non-cash prizes. This is always a clear sign that the people in charge of the casino are seriously thinking about how they can make regular players happy.

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